Neu3 Trio CD Release

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Jun 092013
Scott Neumann Neu3 Blessed (cover)

“With Blessed, Neumann’s trio makes a worthy pilgrimage to the jazz holy land.” – All About Jazz

Scott’s latest project entitled The Neu3 Trio  is proud to team up with Origin Records in releasing the band’s debut recording Blessed, which was released in July 2013. Scott’s sophomore recording features Michael Blake and Mark Helias. Award-winning filmmaker Dennis Connors has captured the creative process on two of the songs — Ama Dablam and Blessed, written by Scott Neumann — in two beautifully shot videos from the recording session.



Monday Nights at Smoke, NYC

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Jul 222012

cover artThe Bill Mobley Jazz Orchestra celebrates the beginning of the third year of Monday night residence at the acclaimed NYC jazz club Smoke. In addition to being an exceptional trumpet player, Bill Mobley lends his musical genius to his wonderful compositions and arrangements.This stellar band has a new release out on Smoke Records that is getting great reviews and a lot of airplay.

Andrew Johnstone on Osage County

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Jul 132012

Jazz Review.Com
Rating 5 Stars

On Osage County, Scott Neumann’s quartet plays with a hip and unique groove. Neumann on drums lays down solid funk beats while David Berkman and Don Falzone on keyboards and electric bass respectively keep the band moving forward with exciting comping and propelling bass lines. Sam Newsome’s soprano sax adds a great a sound to put on the top of the superb rhythm section.

Scott Neumann’s playing is both energetic and inspiring. He mixes it up with a variety of beats, making his playing very compelling. His drum playing provides the foundation for the killer groove produced by the band. His playing is very musical, always propelling or taking the band in intriguing directions. Osage County also displays Neumann’s gifted ability to compose. He wrote six out of the eight tunes on the album, all of which have funky, head-banging grooves and melodies.

The rest of the band plays well together and really compliments Neumann’s foundation. David Berkman’s keyboard playing provides the perfect comping style for this funk music. His solos are exceptional, using the different sounds of Fender Rhodes and Wurlitzer organ. Don Falzone on electric bass helps the band move forward by laying down solid bass lines. The soprano playing of Sam Newsome fits well over the top of the band. He usually does not play a lot of notes but he plays very melodically and he has a good sound.

Osage County is a great CD. They band plays well together and always plays with a high energy level. –Andrew Johnstone

Jeff Potter on Osage County

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Jul 132012

Modern Drummer Magazine

From New York, Scott Neumann and Osage County is a recording by a drummer long deserving of wider attention. A natural recording sound captures his quartet fluidly phrasing over snaky, mysterious bass riffs. Neumann’s authoritative drumming unfolds gradually, building compositional tension. Cool! –Jeff Potter

Scott Yanow on Osage County

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Jul 132012

All Music.Com
Rating 4 Stars

In his career thus far, Scott Neumann has played drums with a wide variety of artists including Woody Herman’s orchestra, Jack McDuff, Joshua Redman, Maria Schneider’s orchestra and rock, blues and jam band groups. His earliest interest was in rock and fusion, an area of music that he returns to on Scott Neumann and Osage County. With the excellent soprano-saxophonist Sam Newsome often functioning as the lead voice, Neumann’s quartet (which has one guest appearance apiece from guitarist Tony Scherr and percussionist Memo Acevedo) is at times a little reminiscent of Weather Report, though keyboardist David Berkman does not closely emulate Joe Zawinul. The funky grooves avoid being predictable, some of the originals are tricky to play (such as the 15/4 “Meserole”) and yet the set as a whole, even at its most introspective, is accessible. Some of the optimism and enormous potential of early-’70s fusion is felt throughout Osage County. The close attention paid to mood and groove variations, the high musicianship, the colorful ensembles and the strong solos make this a very successful effort. –Scott Yanow

Russ Spiegel Jazz Orchestra in New York on 07/11/12

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Jul 092012

[We could float a pic in here.]
Scott is very excited to be performing once again at the Zinc bar with the Russ Spiegel Jazz Orchestra.

Anything you want to say about this very impoortant gig, plus audio tracks, photos, videos, may be put on this page in this area!

Trisha Rapier Musical Revue

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Jul 042012

Trisha RapierA Fourth of July celebration with Sister Act’s Trisha Rapier delivering a powerhouse Broadway musical revue at the Centennial Park Stage in Wildwoods, New Jersey. Backed by the Barry Levitt trio, with Cabaret guru Barry Levitt (piano), John Burr (bass) and Scott Neumann (drums).

Ama Dablam

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Jul 022012

This video is from the studio recording of Ama Dablam of the Neu3 Trio, featuring Scott Neumann (Drums/Compositions), Michael Blake (Soprano Saxophone) and Mark Helias (Bass). Recorded at Bennett Studios of Englewood, NJ on April 30, 2011.

Filmed by Dennis Connors and Ryen Tetzloff.
Recorded and Mixed by Frank Fagnano.


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Jul 022012

Scott’s composition “Blessed” (dedicated to his wife and kids) performed by his new trio “Neu3” with Michael Blake on Tenor Saxophone and Mark Helias on Bass. Filmed during the new CD’s recording session at Bennett’s studio (Englewood, NJ) on April 30th, 2011. Video filmed by Dennis Connors and Ryen Tetzloff. Music recorded and mixed by Frank Fagnano.