Jul 132012

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Rating 5 Stars

On Osage County, Scott Neumann’s quartet plays with a hip and unique groove. Neumann on drums lays down solid funk beats while David Berkman and Don Falzone on keyboards and electric bass respectively keep the band moving forward with exciting comping and propelling bass lines. Sam Newsome’s soprano sax adds a great a sound to put on the top of the superb rhythm section.

Scott Neumann’s playing is both energetic and inspiring. He mixes it up with a variety of beats, making his playing very compelling. His drum playing provides the foundation for the killer groove produced by the band. His playing is very musical, always propelling or taking the band in intriguing directions. Osage County also displays Neumann’s gifted ability to compose. He wrote six out of the eight tunes on the album, all of which have funky, head-banging grooves and melodies.

The rest of the band plays well together and really compliments Neumann’s foundation. David Berkman’s keyboard playing provides the perfect comping style for this funk music. His solos are exceptional, using the different sounds of Fender Rhodes and Wurlitzer organ. Don Falzone on electric bass helps the band move forward by laying down solid bass lines. The soprano playing of Sam Newsome fits well over the top of the band. He usually does not play a lot of notes but he plays very melodically and he has a good sound.

Osage County is a great CD. They band plays well together and always plays with a high energy level. –Andrew Johnstone

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